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Checking Out Current & Past Sessions with the Feed

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2016 10:43AM CDT
JamKazam gives you a way to easily check out current and past sessions without actually creating or joining them. The feature that lets you do this is called the Feed. You can access the JamKazam feed by clicking on the Feed tile on the home screen of either the website or app (pictured below with arrow).

When you click the feed tile, the feed screen is displayed (pictured below).

Looking at the feed screen (pictured above), you can see that:
  • The name of the session creator is displayed on the left, with the time the session was started.
  • Currently active sessions are displayed with green bars, while sessions that have ended are displayed with dark brown bars.
  • Private sessions are labeled as private, and you won't be able to join or listen to these sessions. Musicians often use private sessions for band practices, co-writing new material, music lessons, and other uses where privacy is preferred.
  • Public sessions are labeled as Session In Progress, and these sessions have a lay button on the left side of the green bar (pictured below with arrow). You can click this play button to listen to what is happening in public sessions, just for fun, or to see if you might like to join the session to play with the musicians in the session.

In addition to listening to the session, you can click the Details link under the session bar (pictured below with arrow) to see who is playing in the session.

When you click the Details link, the musicians in the session are listed below the session bar. If you hover your mouse over a musician's name, a musician summary is displayed in a popup (pictured below).

From this popup, you can request to connect with the musician on JamKazam, view their profile, or send them a message.

The feed also tracks recordings made by musicians in sessions, and you can listen to public recordings. Recordings are interspersed with sessions in timeline order, but you can use a filter to view just recordings (pictured below with arrow).

When Recordings are selected in this filter, only recordings are presented in the feed listing (pictured below).

Recordings may be either video or audio-only recordings. Video recordings play back via YouTube, while audio-only recordings play back on JamKazam in place.

Finally, you may click the Refresh button (pictured below with arrow) any time to update the listing of sessions and recordings, as sessions come and go pretty frequently.

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