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Setting Up Stripe For Your Booster Fund

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2016 08:04PM CDT
When a student in your music program pays for a lesson, JamKazam shares a portion of the lesson payment with your booster fund, immediately processing a direct deposit into your booster fund's bank account. JamKazam processes these deposits into your booster fund through Stripe. Stripe is one of the top Internet commerce platforms in the world. You can learn more about them at www.stripe.com. 

To enable JamKazam to make these deposits into your program's booster fund, you'll need to spend 5 minutes with the treasurer of your booster fund to set up a Stripe account for the booster fund.  

To make sure you can successfully and easily set up the Stripe account, make sure your booster fund treasurer has the following information ready for the booster program:

  • Account Details
    information on the booster program
    • Business/Organization Type - Can be Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Nonprofit, Partnership, or LLC.
    • Tax ID - The EIN tax ID for the booster program.
    • Address - The mailing address for the booster program. You can use the school address if there is not another address used for the booster program.
    • Website - JamKazam automatically fills this in with the URL for your school on JamKazam, but if your booster program has its own website, you can replace the JamKazam URL with the booster website URL.
  • Personal Details
    information on the booster program treasurer or the music program director
    • Name - First and last name of the individual.
    • Date of Birth - Birthdate of the individual.
    • Social Security - Last 4 digits of the individual's social security number, used to validate individual identity to make sure a real person is setting up this Stripe account.
  • Credit Card Statement Details
    only used if you bill customers using your Stripe account, and you won't be doing this, so this information will not be used, but you will still need to fill it in
    • Business Name - Name of your school.
    • Phone Number - Phone number of your school.
  • Bank Details
    information on the booster fund bank account into which JamKazam will deposit the booster fund's share of lesson payments
    • Routing Number - Routing number of the bank at which the booster program account is held. 
    • Account Number - Booster program bank account number into which funds are to be deposited. 
    • Confirm Account Number - Enter the account number a second time to make sure it's correct.
  • Stripe Account
    login credentials for the person who will manage the Stripe account - you should not need to do anything with Stripe once this is set up, as direct deposits are made automatically - but just in case, we'd suggest setting up access for the booster program treasurer
    • Email - Email address of the booster program treasurer.
    • Password - Password created/entered by the booster program treasurer.

With the above information ready, we suggest that the music program director and the booster program treasurer sit down for 5 minutes to set up the Stripe account. To do this, the music program director should sign into the JamKazam website at www.jamkazam.com. You will see the home screen (pictured below).

Click the Account tile (pictured above with arrow). The Account page is displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the Account page, and you will see the School section of your account. Then click the Update button for the school section (pictured below with arrow).

The application displays the School account page (pictured below).

To set up your booster fund's Stripe account, click the blue Connect With Stripe button (pictured above with arrow). When you click this button, you are taken to the Stripe website (pictured below).

The fact that you are transferred to the Stripe website is a very important point. When you set up a Stripe account, you are going to enter sensitive financial information, like your bank account number, much like you would on Paypal or similar Internet commerce platforms. This sensitive information is entered and stored on the Stripe commerce platform, not on JamKazam. Stripe is PCI Level 1 compliant like other top commerce platforms, so you can feel confident about the security of your data.

When JamKazam pays you, we process the payment to your Stripe account, but we do not have access to any of your sensitive Stripe account data - e.g. your bank account number. That is never stored or processed by JamKazam. 

Please follow the instructions in the bulleted section earlier in this help article to fill in all the requested data on the Stripe page. This should take you less than 5 minutes. When you are done, at the bottom of the page, click the blue "Authorize access to this account" button. This gives JamKazam permission to process deposits through Stripe to your booster fund bank account.

That's it! You're ready to go now on payment processing. Again, this does not let JamKazam see your sensitive data like your bank account number. It does let us push transactions through your Stripe account to deposit your booster fund's share of lesson payments from students.


If You Already Have A Stripe Account

If your booster program already has and uses a Stripe account, you can simply sign in to your Stripe account on this page by clicking the Sign In link (pictured below with arrow), rather than setting up a new Stripe account.

When you sign in to your Stripe account, your Stripe account will be linked to your JamKazam account, so that we can process payments to your Stripe account. 


Viewing Deposits

To view the history of deposits made by JamKazam into your booster program's account, return to the school account page, and click the Earnings tile (pictured below with arrow).



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