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Setting Up Your School On JamKazam

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2016 09:09PM CDT

Signing Up Your School

To set up your music school on JamKazam, please click here to visit our school signup page. On this page, click the Sign Up button (pictured below with arrow).

If you have not ever registered to join the JamKazam service, you will also see boxes to enter your email address and password above the Sign Up button. When you click this button, your school will be created on JamKazam and automatically associated with your JamKazam user account.


Editing Your School's Account Information

After you've signed up your school in this way, go to the home page of the JamKazam website (pictured below) at www.jamkazam.com.

Click the Account tile (pictured above with arrow). The Account page is displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the Account page, and you will see the School section of your account. Then click the Update button for the school section (pictured below with arrow).

The application displays the School page, where you can work on setting up the school properly (pictured below).

First you'll want to enter the name of your school.


Uploading a School Logo

Next, click the "change/update logo" yellow text link to upload your school's logo. This is optional, but it's nice to have your school's logo on pages that your students and teachers will visit, so they know they're in the right place. When you click this link, the Update Logo dialog box is displayed (pictured below).

Click the "upload new logo" yellow text link (pictured above with arrow). The Filepicker window is displayed (pictured below).

Filepicker is a nifty utility that lets you grab an image from almost anywhere to use as your logo. We'll show how to use a photo stored on your computer, but Filepicker will also let you grab a photo from your Facebook account, Dropbox, and a wide variety of other sources.

In the screen pictured above, My Computer is selected as the source for the photo. You may select another source, but we'll leave it set to the computer. To choose the photo, click the Choose File button displayed under the "Drag file here" window (pictured above with arrow). Clicking this button displays a typical dialog box you can use to navigate through your computer's file system to find the photo you want to use (pictured below).

Select the photo you want to use, and click the Open button at the bottom right corner of this dialog box (pictured above). When you click Open, the photo will start uploading in Filepicker. When the photo finishes uploading, Filepicker will automatically close, and your photo will be displayed in a preview area in the JamKazam app (pictured below).

At this point, you can control what part of the photo you want to use. You can drag the box (with the dotted rectangle outline) around to position it over the part of the photo you want to use, and you can also grab the handles of the box to resize it. Work with the rectangle to highlight the portion of the photo to use (pictured below).

When you have the area of the photo highlighted the way you want it, click the Save & Close button. You are returned to the school account page, with your logo displayed, ready to continue (pictured below).

At this point, you've completed basic setup for your school. Just click the orange Update button (pictured above with arrow) to save your school's name and logo before leaving this page.

You can ignore the blue Connect With Stripe button for the moment. As the music program director, you will want to sit down with the treasurer of your booster fund later to set up the Stripe account that lets JamKazam direct deposit a share of each lesson payment into the booster fund. This will take about 5 minutes of your time, and you can review this help article on Stripe account setup and share it with your booster fund treasurer so they can come prepared with the information needed to easily set up this account later.

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