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How Lesson Scheduling Works

Last Updated: May 04, 2016 09:46AM CDT

As described in the help article on setting up your music school on JamKazam, as the school owner/operator, you have two options on how you may handle the scheduling and booking of JamClass online lessons for your teachers:
  • ​School Owner Manages Lesson Booking - If you choose this option, then all requests for lessons from students through the JamClass marketplace will be directed to you at the JamKazam user account associated with this school. You will  then be responsible for responding to all such student requests for lessons with any teachers linked to your school. You will coordinate with these students to find dates and times that work for both teacher and student. Once you have confirmed and booked a lesson with a student, then and only then will the student/lesson appear on the teacher's JamClass home page as a booked lesson to teach. Choosing this option lets you as the school owner harmonize and coordinate the scheduling of your school's teachers across both in-person and online lessons at your school, so that this service that you provide to your teachers is consistent across both domains.
  • Teachers Manage Lesson Booking - Alternatively, you may choose this option, and each individual teacher at your school will receive lesson requests directly from students in the JamClass marketplace. Each teacher will then need to coordinate with the students requesting lessons to work out dates/times.

Setting this option is explained in the help article on setting up your music school on JamKazam. As a quick reminder, this option is available by visiting the School section of your Account (pictured below with arrow).

If you choose to manage scheduling and booking of JamClass online lessons for your teachers, then we strongly suggest you review the help article on Receiving And Responding To Lesson Requests. This help article explains how teachers handle scheduling and booking of online lessons with students in the JamClass marketplace, and you will be taking these actions in place of the teacher. 

Note that once you and the student have both confirmed a lesson or weekly recurring series of lessons, this "booked" lesson will then be transferred to the JamClass home page of the instructor who will teach the lesson. You should use whatever communications you would normally use at your school to inform the teacher of this new lesson or lesson series. Then the instructor can simply sign into the JamKazam application a couple of minutes prior to the start of the lesson, and join the online lesson from his or her JamClass home page, where the lesson will be listed. More information on using the JamClass home page is available here.

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