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Signing Up Your Teachers & Students

Last Updated: May 04, 2016 08:44AM CDT

After you have set up your music school for JamClass, you will want to sign up your teachers right away, and later you may want to sign up your school's students as well.


Signing Up Your Teachers

The reason you want to proactively sign up your school's teachers is so that the teachers' user accounts are  properly linked to your school. Your teachers must be linked to your school, so that when JamKazam refers students to your teachers, booking/scheduling and payments are then properly routed to your school for processing on behalf of your teachers.

To sign up your teachers, either launch the JamKazam application, or sign in to the JamKazam website at www.jamkazam.com. You will see the home page (pictured below).

Click the Account tile (pictured above with arrow). The account page is displayed (pictured below).

Scroll to the bottom of the account page, and you will see the School section of your account. Click the Update button (pictured above with arrow). Your school account page is displayed (pictured below).

Click the Members tile (pictured above with arrow). The school members page is displayed (pictured below).

Click the Invite Teacher button (pictured above with arrow). The Invite Teachers dialog box is displayed (pictured below).

Type in the first name, last name, and email address of one of your school's teachers, and then click the Send Invitation button. Your school member page is updated to show that you have invited this teacher, and that this teacher has not yet accepted your invitation (pictured below with arrow).

At the same time, an email is sent to the teacher (pictured below).

When the teacher clicks the Sign Up Now button in this email, they are taken to the JamKazam website, to a page that lets them sign up for a JamKazam account, and their teacher account is automatically associated with your school. As soon as the teacher registers for an account, your school members page is updated to reflect that the teacher has signed up (pictured below with arrow).

This gives you the ability to easily keep track of which teachers you have invited, and which teachers have followed through to set up their accounts.


Signing Up Your Students

Signing up your school's students works similarly from a technical perspective, but let's address why and when it is appropriate to sign up your students.

For students who take lessons from your school in the traditional manner - i.e. by driving to your school and taking lessons at your location in person with your teachers - there is no reason that you need to have these students sign up for JamKazam accounts. You may optionally decide that you want to sign up these students for three main reasons:
  1. If you think it would be useful for a student to be able to play with other musicians live in sync from their home to use the skills they are learning in lessons, then the JamKazam platform delivers this capability. Everyone knows it's a lot more fun and motivating to play music with others than to play alone, but many students are not in a band. JamKazam offers a way to let your students connect with other musicians to play in groups, which reinforces their learning, motivates them, and and help keep your students engaged in their lessons.
  2. Another great tool for motivating students and keeping them engaged is JamTracks. JamTracks are full multitrack recordings of 4,000+ popular songs. Your students can play along with a professional band on their favorite songs, and can easily mute or unmute any parts to avoid playing on top of another musician. They can slow down playback for practice to build up their speed, record themselves playing along and post their performances to YouTube, and more.
  3. If you sign up your students for JamKazam accounts, all of these students will be tagged as having been referred by your school for the purposes of the JamKazam affiliate program. Through our affiliate program, you will be paid a revenue share on all purchases made by these students for a two-year period. So if they buy JamTracks, a JamBlaster, or other products, you will earn income on all these purchases.

Again, you do not need to sign up all the students at your school, and in particular, you do not need to sign up students who are only taking face-to-face lessons at your school location. This is entirely optional and at your discretion.

If, on the other hand, you would like to offer online lessons using the JamClass platform to students who you acquire using your own marketing initiatives (versus students JamKazam brings to you through our JamClass marketplace), then as a local, independent music school, you may use the JamKazam platform to deliver online lessons to your students without any fees charged by JamKazam for use of our service. (Note that other online music lesson markets and non-local music schools may not use JamKazam free, per our terms of service.) To take advantage of this, you will need to register any students you secure through your own student acquisition efforts. By registering these students, JamKazam will know not to bill these students for lessons, or handle distribution of payments for these students. That will all be left up to you to handle as you normally would handle billing of your own students.

To register students of your school, simply follow the same instructions as above in the section of this help article that explains how to register teachers, except that on the school members page, you will click the Invite Student button to invite your students (pictured below with arrow).

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