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Partnering With JamKazam To Build Your Business

Last Updated: May 03, 2016 09:15AM CDT
Founded by a team that has built and sold companies to Google, eBay, GameStop and more, JamKazam has developed incredibly unique technology that lets musicians play together live in sync with studio quality audio from different locations over the Internet. Now JamKazam has launched an online music lesson marketplace, and we’ve set up a program specifically to partner with music schools to help you attract and engage students across the country, extending your school’s reach and generating more income.

Online music lessons offer obvious advantages to your school. You can reach students who live more than 30 minutes away – even students across the country. Teach during normal “off hours”, when students in your area are tied up at school or at work. And students and parents are increasingly interested in online lessons to avoid the time and hassle of traveling to/from your school.

Several companies have built online marketplaces of music teachers, but these markets haven’t offered a partnering model for existing schools. And even if they had, online music lessons haven’t taken off like other online Internet markets. Why? Because every one of these markets has relied on Skype or similar apps – built for voice chat – to deliver online music lessons. This is a major problem. Voice chat technology makes music sound awful in online sessions – so bad that teachers can’t assess the student’s tone and sometimes even the pitch of what they are playing. These apps also have very high latency – a technical term that means that the student and teacher cannot play together, another critical requirement for productive lessons. Since Skype wasn’t built for music, it also lacks many other basic features to support effective lessons, like a metronome, mixers, backing tracks, etc.

At JamKazam, we’ve spent years designing, patenting, and building technology specifically to enable musicians to play online live in sync with studio quality audio. We’ve built a wide variety of critical online music performance features into this platform. And now we’ve built a lesson marketplace on top of this foundation to match students to teachers, and we’re investing in marketing to drive students into the market.

The bottom line is that your school can now effectively offer and teach online lessons to students using our incredible technology. If you secure students through your own marketing initiatives, it’s free to use JamKazam. And if we bring new students to your school, we keep a portion of the lesson income for these students, helping you to grow your business, increasing your revenues and profitability.

We have even built features into the platform that let you as the school owner seamlessly manage scheduling, booking, and distribution of payments from online lessons to your teachers hand in hand with the in-person lessons delivered through your school today. So you can offer both in-person and online lessons for both your teachers and students, while providing the same set of services to your teachers across both domains.

If this sounds interesting, please click here to visit our music school signup page. You can learn more about our online music lesson marketplace and how it can benefit your music school business. And if you think this may be good for your school, click the Sign Up button on this page (pictured below with arrow).

If you have not ever registered to join the JamKazam service, you will also see boxes to enter your email address and password above the Sign Up button. When you have signed up, this does not commit you or your school to anything. Someone from JamKazam will reach out to you to have a conversation, answer your questions, and help you decide if this program is a good fit for your school.  If it is, we'll be happy to help you move forward to rolling it out. It's quite easy, and we think you'll be delighted with the results for your business!

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