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Receiving and Responding to Lesson Requests

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2016 07:37PM CDT
When a prospective student wants to take a lesson from you using the JamClass online music lesson service by JamKazam, they enter a lesson booking request, and this request is forwarded to you through the JamKazam platform. You may receive one of two basic types of lesson request:
  • TestDrive Lesson Request - TestDrive is the primary marketing mechanism that delivers new students to teachers through the JamClass marketplace. A TestDrive lesson is a single 30-minute lesson. You are paid $10 for a TestDrive lesson, and you have a reasonable chance to retain the student in a longer-term regular teacher-student relationship, booking normal lessons at whatever rates you advertise.
  • Normal Lesson Request - A student may only book a TestDrive lesson with you once. After this, if they want to continue to take lessons from you, they will book normal lessons. 

When a student requests a lesson, JamKazam will send an email to the email address you have associated with your JamKazam account. These emails can go into your spam filter, so please be sure to tell your email program that email from JamKazam is not spam, or you will miss lesson request emails.

A lesson request email looks like this:

You can see that this email indicates this lesson request is for a TestDrive lesson. If the request is for a normal lesson, it won't say it's a TestDrive lesson. To get more information on the request, simply click the View Lesson Request button in the email, and you will be taken to the JamKazam website, with a page displayed for this request (pictured below).

On this page, you can:
  • View the name and photo of the requesting student, along with a short text message they have sent to introduce themselves.
  • Accept the lesson request with either the student's preferred or secondary date/time option by clicking either option, entering a message back to the student, and clicking the Accept & Schedule Lesson button.
  • If you'd like to accept the student's lesson request, but neither date/time works for you, you may click the "Propose alternate day/time" option, and select a date and time that would be better for you. If you do this, but orange action button at the lower right of the screen changes from Accept & Schedule Lesson to Propose Alternate Time. We'd advise in this case that you also write the student a note and suggest some day and time windows that you currently have available, so that if your proposed time doesn't work for the student, you can both zero in more quickly on a date/time that works for you both. Then click the Propose Alternate Time button, and your proposal and message will be forward to the student.
  • If for some reason you simply do not want to accept a lesson request from this student, you may click the "Decline lesson request" option, and then click the Decline Lesson orange button (as it again changes to reflect this option). 

If you propose an alternate date/time, then you and the student simply bounce proposals back and forth until either of you accepts a proposed date/time from the other. And once either you or the student accepts a proposed date/time, the lesson is booked and confirmed, as in the email below.

You don't have to wait for emails to view or manage your lessons and lesson requests. You can also visit your JamClass home page any time to work with your lesson requests and confirmed/scheduled lessons, as well as looking back at past lessons.

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