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Using TestDrive to Find the Best Teacher for You

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2016 09:19PM CDT
The most important thing you can do to improve as a musician (other than practice of course) is to find and learn from the best teacher for you. It's unlikely the best teacher for you happens to live within a 20-minute driving radius, which is one big reason why JamClass online lessons by JamKazam is awesome. We can connect you to the best teacher regardless of location.

But the other important thing we've done to help you find your best possible teacher is to design the TestDrive program. With TestDrive, you can:
  • Take 4 full-length, 30-minute private lessons - one each from 4 different instructors - for just $12.50 each = $49.99 total. Then pick the one who is best for you, and keep taking lessons with that teacher.
  • Or take 2 full-length, 30-minute private lessons - one each from 2 different instructors - for just $14.99 each = $29.99 total. Then pick the one who is best for you, and keep taking lessons with that teacher.
  • Or if you're really confident you've found exactly the right instructor by searching our marketplace, you can take one 30-minute TestDrive lesson from your targeted instructor for just $14.99 - effectively half price for typical lesson prices.

Our advice is to take 4 lessons from 4 different instructors. And let us be very clear here. We don't make profits on any of these three TestDrive options, so we are not trying to sell you the most expensive option to make more money. The instructors' fees plus expenses eat all of these special introductory deals up before any money gets to us, so we don't have any incentive to push you one way or another. Our only incentive in this case is to help you be successful.

Think of it this way. Would you want to marry the first person you ever date? No? We wouldn't either! So why do it with your teacher? Be patient. Take just a little extra time and care up front to try out 4 teachers, and you are very likely to connect to a better teacher, which will make a massive positive difference in all the time, energy, and money you invest into practice and your lessons themselves, and the results you see from your lessons.


Booking a TestDrive Lesson

OK, so let's look at how you book a TestDrive lesson. When you have looked through the instructors who meet your search criteria in the JamClass marketplace, and you're ready to get started, click the Book TestDrive Lesson button for a teacher you like (pictured below with arrow).

When you click this button, you'll see a page that gives you three different TestDrive options (pictured below).

You can choose from 3 TestDrive packages:

  • You can get 4 lessons from 4 different teachers for just $49.99. Then pick the teacher you really click with best, and move forward with that instructor long-term for your lessons. This is the best way to make sure you get the best teacher for you. 
  • If you trying lessons with 4 different teachers sounds like too much for you, you can try two teachers for the price of just one lesson at $29.99, and then pick the best of the two for you.
  • Or if you feel very confident you've found the best teacher for you by searching and reviewing our teacher profiles, you can get a great value by getting your first lesson at half price with your chosen teacher.

To select your TestDrive package, simply click the Select button for the option you like best. Please keep in mind that you can only use TestDrive once! After that, you'll need to book your lessons at the teachers' normal prices, so this is your chance to take advantage of a great deal to find the best teacher for you!

Once you have selected your TestDrive program, you'll have the opportunity to book a TestDrive lesson with the teacher you selected (pictured below).

On this screen, you enter two dates and times that would work for you to have the lesson, and write a short note to introduce yourself to the teacher, then click the Book TestDrive Lesson button. 

And finally, you will need to enter payment information for the TestDrive package you selected (pictured below).

Once you have entered payment info, your lesson request is sent to the teacher, who will respond to your request. When the teacher responds, you will receive an email from JamKazam, and you can coordinate to confirm the lesson date and time. This process is covered in the help topic Booking a Lesson With a Teacher.
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