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Searching For the Right Teacher

Last Updated: May 07, 2016 01:22PM CDT
Finding the right teacher is critically important. It's the single most important factor in the success of your lessons, and the value you get from your lessons. This is why we've built JamKazam the way we have, so that:
  1. You can find, connect to, and learn from the best teacher for you, rather than settling for a teacher who lives close to you.
  2. You can use our TestDrive program to set up classes with multiple teachers at the beginning - very inexpensively - to take lessons from more than one teacher, to find the one with whom you click. You wouldn't marry the first person you ever date. And similarly, it's a good idea to try more than one teacher to find the one you really click with. This is the most important determinant of the success and value you will get from your lessons.

To get started finding your ideal teacher, launch the JamKazam application, or sign into the website at www.jamkazam.com, and you will see the home page of the app or website (pictured below).

Click the JamClass tile (pictured above with arrow). The JamClass home page is displayed (pictured below).

To search for teachers, click the orange Search Teachers button (pictured above with arrow). The teacher search page is displayed (pictured below).

On this page, you can specify important attributes of the teacher you want as follows:
  • Instruments Taught - Check the box of any instrument you want to learn from this teacher. 
  • Music Subjects Taught - If you are primarily interested in learning to play an instrument, we do not recommend checking boxes in this area. But if you are primarily interested in learning about some other music subject, like composition, recording, etc, then check the box for the subject you'd like to learn about from a teacher.
  • Genres Taught - If you are interested in focusing on a specific genre, then check that genre's box. For example, if you want to learn how to play jazz sax, then you would check saxophone as an instrument, and check jazz as a genre. If you're more focused just on the instrument, and want to be exposed to a variety of genres, then we recommend not checking these boxes.
  • Languages Spoken - Language matters simply because you need to be able to communicate with your instructor in lessons. So check the language you'd prefer to speak in lessons.
  • Student Levels Taught - Some instructors don't teach advanced musicians. Some don't teach raw beginners. So you can check your current level of expertise to get matched up with an instructor who is best suited to teaching a student at your level. 
  • Student Ages Taught - Some instructors prefer not to teach young children. Please select your age (or if you are a parent searching for a teacher for your child, then your child's age).
  • Years Teaching Experience - This is optional, but if you want to require a certain number of years of teaching experience, you may. 
  • Country & State/Region - This is also optional, as you can take lessons from anyone anywhere. However, latency in lessons - the thing that can make it difficult to play together live in sync during lessons - tends to get worse over greater distances. This won't be a top consideration, but you can narrow teachers down to your country, and perhaps down to your state if you want to keep latency as low as possible in lessons. 

When you have specified the search criteria that are important to you, click the orange Search button. The teachers who meet your search criteria are listed on a search results page (pictured below).

You can scan a portion of each teacher's bio in the search results listing to see which teachers seem interesting to you. When you see a teacher who seems good, click the More About This Teacher button to see the teacher's full profile (pictured below).

When you first reach the teacher profile page, you start by viewing the "about" information. This is noted by the orange highlighted "about" navigation tile at the top of the page. On this page you'll see the teacher's full bio, and a video if the teacher has chosen to post one. As you scroll down the page, you'll also get complete information on what the instructor teaches, what instruments they play, and links to any online points of presence for the teacher (such as their website, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc).

For more information on the instructor, you can click other navigation tiles at the top of the teacher profile page. For example, click the Experience tile too see information on the teacher's music education background, teaching experience,  and more (pictured below).

Click the Samples tile to hear or see performance samples of the teacher playing himself/herself on YouTube, Soundcloud, and JamKazam (pictured below).

Click the Ratings tile to see ratings and reviews of the instructor by students (pictured below). Please note that the JamKazam lesson technology platform and marketplace have launched very recently, so there are not a lot of ratings and reviews on instructors yet.

And finally, click the Prices tile to see what lesson pricing this instructor offers (pictured below).

Instructors may offer pricing per lesson, and/or pricing per month. When lessons are offered per month, the student is billed on the first day of the month for the full month's set of weekly lessons. Monthly lesson fees are non-refundable once billed and payed.

Please note that even if a teacher only offers monthly pricing, you can still book a TestDrive lesson with the teacher to try them out. If your TestDrive goes well, then you would sign up for lessons with the teacher at their regular published rates after your TestDrive.

When you have finished reviewing the teacher's profile, you may click the Back To Teacher Search orange button at the top right of the page to return to your search results and browse through more teachers.

Also, please note that at any time while reviewing the teacher's profile, if you decide you want to book a TestDrive lesson or a normal lesson with this teacher, you can use the pop-up on the right side of the page to do this (pictured below).

Finally, if you search for teachers and don't find what you are looking for, please use the form at the bottom of the search results listing to let us know! Our concierge team will be more than happy to listen to exactly what you want, and we'll find one or more teachers who meet your specific requirements within about a week. We want you to get matched to your ideal teacher!

The form for submitting a request for help to find your ideal teacher is at the end of the search results (pictured below).

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