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Creating Your Teacher Profile

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2016 05:03PM CDT
Your teacher profile on JamKazam is the key to presenting yourself to prospective students. JamKazam ins investing in marketing programs to bring students into the marketplace. These prospective students will search for teachers based on things like what instruments in the instructor teaches, what genres, what student levels or ages, and so on. Your teacher profile contains all this information, and it needs to be filled out accurately and completely so you'll show up in student searches to be considered. If a student is interested in you in the search results, they will click through to your full teacher profile, and this is where you can really connect with the student and present yourself in a compelling way that gets the student to book a lesson with you. 

So we'll do the heavy lifting to get students to take a look at you. Your part in attracting students is simply to take the time to do a good job presenting yourself well on your teacher profile. This help article explains how to do this.


Where To Edit Your Profile

To edit your teacher profile, either launch the JamKazam application, or go to the JamKazam website at www.jamkazam.com. If you are not signed in, please sign in using the email address and password you used to register for your account. In either the app or the website, you will see the home screen, and a large orange tile for your Profile (pictured below with arrow).

Click the Profile tile, and your profile page will be displayed (pictured below).


Editing Your Musician Profile

On the left side of your profile page, you will see two orange buttons (pictured below with arrow).

Your teacher profile uses and presents information from both your musician profile and your teacher profile.

First you'll want to click the Edit Profile button. Clicking this button drops you into the first page of a wizard that will help you enter information for your musician profile - i.e. describing yourself as a musician. In case you are wondering why we didn't just put all of this information into the teacher profile, you will find great opportunities on JamKazam in which you will be acting as a musician rather than a teacher, and you'll want to be able to present yourself through the lens of a musician rather than a teacher. 

In any case, when you click the Edit Profile button, JamKazam presents the first screen ("basics") in the wizard to edit your musician profile (pictured below).

Most of the information on this page is self-explanatory, and you should fill all of it in. The Musical Bio lets you describe yourself in your own words as a musician. How long have you played? What drew you to music? What do you like to play? However you want to do it, the point is to describe yourself as a musician - not as a teacher. We'll get there shortly.

Also, it's very important that you upload a photograph of yourself to your profile on this page. Prospective students will want to see you, and you will get far fewer lessons booked without a photo. To upload a photo, click the yellow text link "change avatar" (pictured in screenshot above). Clicking this link displays the photo/avatar editor page (pictured below).

Click the Upload button under the photo preview area. This opens a Filepicker window (pictured below).

Filepicker is a nifty utility that lets you grab a photo from almost anywhere to use as your photo/avatar. We'll show how to use a photo stored on your computer, but Filepicker will also let you grab a photo from your Facebook account, Dropbox, and a wide variety of other sources.

In the screen pictured above, My Computer is selected as the source for the photo. You may select another source, but we'll leave it set to the computer. To choose the photo, click the Choose File button displayed under the "Drag file here" window. Clicking this button displays a typical dialog box you can use to navigate through your computer's file system to find the photo you want to use (pictured below).

Select the photo you want to use, and click the Open button at the bottom right corner of this dialog box (pictured above). When you click Open, the photo will start uploading in Filepicker (pictured below).

When the photo finishes uploading, Filepicker will automatically close, and your photo will be displayed in a preview area in the JamKazam app (pictured below).

At this point, you can control what part of the photo you want to use. You can drag the box (with the dotted rectangle outline) around to position it over the part of the photo you want to use, and you can also grab the handles of the box to resize it. Work with the rectangle to highlight the portion of the photo to use (pictured below).

When you have the area of the photo highlighted the way you want it, click the Update Avatar button to save the photo.

Finally, on this "basics" screen, be sure that the checkbox for "I will accept email from JamKazam about this service" is checked.

Checking this box gives us permission to email you, and that's the way we'll let you know when students request to book lessons with you. When you've finished with this page, click the orange Save & Next button to move to the next page "musical experience" (pictured below).

On this page, you may select the music genres you play, and the instruments you play, along with your level of expertise for each instrument (beginner, intermediate, or expert). You also specify if you are an amateur or professional musician, and how many concert gigs and studio recording sessions you have played in. Then click the Save & Next button to move forward to the next page "current interests" (pictured below).

You don't really need to enter the information on this page for your teacher profile, but as long as you are here, you might as well. This page captures information that is useful for networking with other musicians, bands, composers, and producers in the JamKazam community. For example, if you are interested in joining a virtual/online band to play together periodically on JamKazam, or if you are interested in work as a session musician, or in co-writing music with someone else, you can specify these sorts of things on this page. When you are finished, click the Save & Next button to move forward to the next page "online presence & performance samples" (pictured below).

This page is a pretty important one. The top half of the page gives you the opportunity to link to any points of online presence you have already invested in. For example, you can link to your website, your Soundcloud account, ReverbNation, your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, etc. This lets you share more with prospective students without re-inventing the wheel.

In the bottom half of this page, we give you the opportunity to link to audio and/or video recordings of your musical performances, to help you show off your musical "chops". To add SoundCloud audio recordings or YouTube videos, simply copy the URL of the recording, paste it into the white box under the SoundCloud or YouTube headers, and click the Add button.

When finished entering and linking to these resources, click the Save & Finish button. You are done editing your musician profile, and your profile page will be displayed once again (pictured below).


Editing Your Teacher Profile

When you have finished editing your musician profile, you will want to edit your teacher profile next. To do this, click the Edit Teacher Profile button on the left side of the profile page (pictured above). Clicking this button will display the first page "introduction" of the teacher profile wizard (pictured below).

Your Teacher Bio (pictured above) is critically important, so take a little time to think about how you want to present yourself as a teacher. This is probably the single most important aspect of your entire teacher profile in terms of selling yourself to prospective students. When students first search for a teacher on JamKazam, the search results they see will present your picture and the first few lines of your Teacher Bio. This is your first impression. So make sure you put things in the first few lines of your Teacher Bio that will do the best job of selling yourself to prospective students. What is it about you that will stand out and really get a student's attention? Make sure you hit the most important stuff early in the first few lines, and then you can take a much time and space as you want after that hard hitting intro to fully present yourself as a teacher. If you "hook" a student early in your Teacher Bio, he or she will click through from the teacher search results to look at your full Teacher Profile, and will spend more time digging into all the other information you have entered to get a more complete picture of who you are and how they think you can help them on their musical journey.

The other thing on this step of the wizard that can be very powerful in helping you win more students in the marketplace is a Teacher Introductory Video. A video can be really helpful in drawing students to you because it lowers risk and connects you from a student's perspective. If they can see you talking, playing, and introducing yourself, you become a real human to the student, and they can start to connect with you, even if they haven't met you yet. If you have a video handy of you playing in a band or playing alone, that is better than nothing, but it's better suited to the performance samples in your Musician Profile (described earlier). The best way to think of this video is a way to briefly introduce yourself, say hello, be friendly but authentic, and let the student start to connect with you. This should be a brief video, say 2 minutes or less, even as short as 30 seconds would be fine. From a best practices perspective, if the video shows you and your instrument, and you say hello, introduce yourself, hit the high points from those first few powerful lines of your Teacher Bio, maybe play a short lick on your instrument, and tell the student you look forward to helping them get where they are going. If you've set up your gear to work with JamKazam, it's actually extremely easy to make this video in JamKazam itself. Just get into a session alone, click the Record button in the session toolbar, choose to record both video and audio, talk and/or play, stop the recording, and the JamKazam app will even offer to upload the video to YouTube for you. It's really incredibly simple. Then copy and paste the URL of the video into the video field on this screen, and you're done!

And finally on this "introduction" screen, you can select the number of years of teaching and playing experience you have.

When you are finished, click the Save & Next button to move forward to the next page "basics" (pictured below).

This page is quicker and easier to fill out, but very important to fill out completely and accurately. Where the first teacher profile page "basics" presented you in a qualitative way, this page has the information that students are going to use to search for and find (or not find) you. What instruments, music subjects, and genres do you teach? What languages do you speak (so the student can communicate with you)? What student ages and experience levels do you teach? 

Enter this information, and when you are finished, click the Save & Next button to move forward to the next page "experience" (pictured below).

On this page, you may enter:
  • Teaching Experience - If you've taught music or music lessons on your own independently or through a music school, you can present information on your music teaching experience. Just fill in the information for each teaching role you've had and click the Add button.
  • Education - If you have studied music formally through university degrees or classes offered a la carte, you can present information on your music education background. Just fill in the information for each educational program, and click the Add button.
  • Awards - Not many folks will have won music awards, but if you have, here is where you can show them off.    :)

Enter this information, and when you are finished, click the Save & Next button to move forward to the next page "pricing" (pictured below).

On this page, you choose what duration lessons you will teach, how much and how often you prefer to charge, and how heavily you want to leverage our TestDrive program to acquire new students.

  • Lesson Payments - At the top of the left side of this page, you can check either or both of two checkboxes to choose how you want to package your lessons - i.e. do you want students to be able to book and pay for lessons one lesson at a time, or do you prefer to only book lessons on a monthly basis, or do you want to let students go whichever direction they prefer? If you choose to only allow monthly bookings, this obviously sets a little higher bar for student commitment, but some teachers prefer this, and it's fine either way to us.
  • Lesson Duration - Under the payment options on the left side of the page, you can check boxes to specify what lesson lengths you want to offer - 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. It's up to you which lengths you want to offer, and you certainly don't need to offer all of them.  
  • Lesson Pricing - Once you have checked the boxes on the left for individual vs. monthly lessons and the lesson lengths you want to offer, the boxes on the right side of the screen will turn white for the options you are offering, and you should fill in the prices you want to charge for each option. All prices will be presented in US dollars.
  • TestDrive - TestDrive is the foundation of the marketing program we use to attract new students into the marketplace. When we bring students in, we offer them one of a couple of different options to try taking an online lesson from one or a small/limited number of teachers (e.g. 2 or 4) at a one-time discounted rate. This takes risk out of the equation for the student, and also helps the student find a teacher they really "click with". The idea is to be sure we match students to teachers in such a way that the student will establish a long-term relationship with the teacher. So JamKazam brings these students to you, and we pay you $10 for each 30-minute TestDrive lesson you teach. And in exchange, you get a great chance to establish a long-term relationship with the student. In order to participate in the JamKazam music lesson marketplace, you must agree to be willing to teach at least 2 TestDrive lessons per week, but obviously the more TestDrive lessons you teach, the more new students you are going to attract to build your lesson student base and income. Note that even if you only offer monthly lesson packages, TestDrive lessons fall outside this limitation for obvious reasons. Also, please note that the TestDrive offer is made to each student only one time, so they cannot abuse the TestDrive to continue taking discounted lessons over time.

When you are finished with this page, click the Save & Finish button, and you are done editing your Teacher Profile.


Reviewing Your Teacher Profile

Once you have edited your teacher profile, when you go to your Profile page in the JamKazam app or on the JamKazam website, you will now see a View Teacher Profile button presented on the left side of the profile page (pictured below with arrow).

If you click this button, you will see how your teacher profile will be presented to prospective students in the lesson marketplace (pictured below).

Your teacher profile is segmented into "about", "experience", "samples", "ratings", and "prices" sections, and you can view each section by clicking on the labeled tiles at the top of your teacher profile page (pictured above). 

As you look through your profile, you will see small yellow "edit" text links. You can click these to jump straight to a particular section of your teacher profile to edit the information you are viewing. Students won't see these yellow text links. Only you do because it's your profile.

Also, the ratings section is not something you fill out. As you teach lessons, students will have the opportunity to rate you as an instructor, and your ratings will be displayed in this section. Like any other marketplace, you'll want to work with your students to make sure they are satisfied and getting what they want from their lessons with you to keep your ratings up.

When you have edited your teacher profile, this lets JamKazam know that you are interested in teaching in our music lesson marketplace, and a member of the JamKazam team will reach out to you directly to help get you ready to teach online. If you don't hear from us shortly after editing your teacher profile, please email us at support@jamkazam.com. Thank you!

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