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Teaching Using JamClass by JamKazam

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2016 09:38AM CDT
This article provides an overview of teaching music lessons online using the JamClass service by JamKazam.


Why Teach Lessons Online?

Teaching online offers significant advantages, and is very complementary to in-person lessons. By teaching online, you can reach students who live beyond a 30-minute driving radius, massively increasing the number of students you can reach. You can avoid travel to student homes, and you can teach during hours when things are normally quiet. The bottom line is that you can teach more and earn more. At the same time, the world is moving online in all areas, and students increasingly prefer and are asking for online lessons. It's important to meet them where they want to be.


Why Teach Using JamKazam?

Despite compelling advantages for both teachers and students, the music lesson marketplace has lagged other markets in terms of its transition online. The primary reason is that teachers have tried to use Skype, Google Hangouts, and similar apps to teach online, but these applications were built specifically for voice chat, not music. As a result, the audio quality of music is lost in lessons, and teachers cannot judge the tone of students, and sometimes cannot even clearly hear the pitch being played. Latency is extremely high in these applications, which works OK for talking, but prevents teacher and student from being able to play together in lessons. And these voice chat apps lack other key music lesson features, like metronomes, mixers, support for audio backing tracks, and a variety of other features.

In contrast, JamKazam has spent years designing and building its unique technology platform from the ground up to let musicians play together live in sync with high quality audio from different locations over the Internet. Check out this video of 6 bands playing together from different locations on JamKazam. Or this video of a band  playing together from Austin TX, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, and Brooklyn NY. Using this platform for online music lessons is a real game changer.

In addition to developing and offering by far the best technology platform in the world for online music lessons, JamKazam has built the JamClass marketplace to connect students with teachers. It's free to set up a teacher profile in our marketplace, and when you do, we run marketing programs to bring students to the teachers in the marketplace. We bring you students, so can spend less time and money finding students, and more time teaching and earning. When we bring you students through the marketplace, we keep 25% of lesson income, and pass 75% on to you.


What Do You Need to Teach Using JamKazam?

If this sounds good to you, you may be wondering what you need to teach online using JamKazam. The answer is that at a minimum, you need a Mac or Windows computer and broadband Internet service. Beyond this minimum, we strongly recommend that you use an industry-standard audio interface - a device you'd normally use to make audio recordings - as this will give both you and your students a significantly better experience, and you can pick up a good interface for as little as about $50. More information on the gear you need is available here.


How Do You Earn and Get Paid for Teaching?

As a teacher, you set the prices for your lessons, and you also decide if you want your students billed per lesson or per month. When we bill students from the marketplace for the lessons you teach, as soon as we collect payment from the students, we process a payment for your 75% share of the lesson income. To do this, you set up an account with Stripe (www.stripe.com), one of the top commerce platforms on the Internet. We process payments to your Stripe account, and those get direct deposited into your bank account. Very simple, quick, and easy.

If you get your own students through your own marketing initiatives, you are welcome to teach those students online using the JamKazam platform, and we do not charge you for your own students. This is no problem at all. That said, you may not use the JamKazam platform in combination with other online music lesson marketplaces - i.e. to teach students referred from those marketplaces. This is expressly prohibited by our terms of service, as we don't want other companies building their businesses on the hard work and money we've invested to build our platform. But as an individual teacher, you may teach both students we bring you through our marketplace, and your own students that you source independently, and we do not charge you (or handle billing) for your own independently sourced students.

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