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Using JamTracks

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016 02:09PM CDT
JamTracks are complete multitrack recordings of popular music, with fully isolated tracks for each part of the song - drums, bass, lead vocal, backing vocal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keys, etc. You can open JamTracks in JamKazam sessions to play them either alone or with others. For example, you could be playing the lead guitar part to "Back in Black" by AC/DC, with the lead guitar part of the JamTrack muted out, and all other parts supplied by the JamTrack recording. Then let's say a drummer hops into your session. You could mute the recorded drum track, and the drummer could be playing the drum part live while you play the lead guitar part live, with all other parts supplied by the JamTrack.

Use this link to review a set of help articles that explain how you can play with JamTracks using our Mac or Windows desktop application in online sessions, either alone or with others.

In addition to using JamTracks in online sessions, you can use them to learn, practice and play your favorite songs anytime either using your browser or using our free iOS app.

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