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Using the Setup Wizard – Step 4 – Configure Voice Chat

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2016 11:03AM CDT
In this step of the setup wizard, you have the option to set up a voice chat mic, which will let you talk with other musicians in online sessions (screen pictured below).

If you have already set up a microphone in the previous step of the wizard to capture audio from an acoustic instrument (e.g. trumpet, acoustic guitar, vocal, etc.), then you don't need to set up a voice chat mic. You can just talk through the mic you are using for the instrumental/vocal audio. In this case, leave the "Use Music Microphone" option selected.

If you don't have a microphone already set up to capture instrumental or vocal audio, then click the "Use Chat Microphone" option. After you've done this, select one of the options in the "Voice Chat Input" list box to act as your voice chat mic. This may be the built-in mic on your computer, or a mic in a webcam, etc. When you have selected an option, start talking at a normal volume, and look at the GAIN control to the right of the input list box (pictured below with arrow).

When you are talking the VU meter should light up in the green range and jump around. This indicates your voice chat mic is picking up the audio from your voice. If the VU meter doesn't light up when you speak, then the mic you have chosen is not working, and you should try another voice mic option in the list. 

You may also want to put on the headphones you have attached to your audio interface (or computer, if you are using the built-in sound system in your computer for audio), and listen when you speak. If you hear yourself loud and clear, great. If your voice is soft, you can pull the GAIN control up to make your voice louder.

If you are not using a voice chat microphone, or once you have selected and checked a voice chat microphone, you can click the NEXT button to move to the next step of the wizard.

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