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Playing Your JamTracks in a Browser

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2016 10:36PM CDT
After you have redeemed your first free JamTrack or purchased a JamTrack, you’ll want to start playing with it. You can play with your JamTracks either in a browser or in the free JamKazam Windows or Mac app.

Our free app gives you a lot more features, such as:
  • Set levels and pan tracks
  • Make audio and video recordings of yourself playing along with the JamTrack
  • Play with your JamTracks in online sessions live with other musicians
  • and more...

But the ability to play with your JamTracks in a browser delivers a lot of flexibility to use your JamTracks on many Internet-connected devices. You can choose which is best for you at any time. You can access all your JamTracks in either way any time. Here’s how to play with your JamTracks in a browser:
Visit JamKazam Website in Your Browser
Open your browser on an Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Go to www.jamkazam.com. (The website is not optimized for smartphone screens yet, but it can work on larger smartphone screens.) Sign in if needed. You will see the home screen of the website (pictured below).

Go to JamTracks Page & Open a JamTrack
Click on the orange JamTracks file (pictured above), and you will see the JamTracks page displayed (pictured below).

In the "my jamtracks" section of this page (pictured above), you will see a list of the JamTracks you have redeemed free and purchased . Click on the name (yellow text link) of the JamTrack you want to open. Your JamTrack will open in a player/mixer window (pictured below).

Create Custom Mixes
Custom mixes let you quickly and easily make a mix to suit your particular needs. For example, if you play drums, you might create a custom mix that mutes all the other tracks, so that you can hear just the drum part clearly. You might make a second custom mix that plays just the drum part, and slows it down 30% so that you can practice along with it to build up speed. Then you might create a third custom mix that mutes just the drum part, but leaves the rest of the parts, so that you can play the drum part live with the rest of the band.

To create a custom mix, refer to the Create Custom Mix section of the player/mixer window (pictured above). You can easily check any part to mute it, and you can use the tempo and pitch controls to slow down, speed up, and raise or lower the pitch of the JamTrack. Then just enter a name for your custom mix, and click the Create Mix button. 

JamKazam will start creating your custom mix, and the My Mixes section of the player/mixer window will expand to show that your custom mix is processing (pictured below).

When your custom mix is ready to play, an "open" file folder icon will be displayed (pictured below).

Click the open button, and your custom mix is loaded, ready to play. Then simply click the Play button near the top of the player/mixer window (pictured above), and use the pause and stop buttons to control playback as desired.

Playing with Your Custom Mixes
To access your custom mixes, click the "show my mixes" yellow text link in the player/mixer window (pictured below).

Your mixes are displayed (pictured below).

For each custom mix you've made, you have options to:
  • Open the mix to play it.
  • Download the mix to use it in apps outside the JamKazam service.
  • Edit the name of the custom mix.
  • Delete the custom mix (as you can only have up to 5 custom mixes for any JamTrack).

You can open and play or download any of the isolated tracks of the JamTrack without making a custom mix. To do this, simply select the track you want to play (pictured below), and then click the open or download button next to the track picker.

Hearing Your JamTrack Audio
The simplest way to play with your JamTrack is to use your computer or mobile device as an audio source as you normally would to play along with music. For example, connect your computer or mobile device to a powered monitor or speakers, or use headphones, or use whatever other kind of audio setup you prefer.

Mix the JamTrack with Your Instrument
If you want to mix your instrumental/vocal live performance with the playback of the JamTrack, or to access other more advanced JamTracks features, you'll need to use our free app to process your instrumental/vocal audio. Click here to download and install the free JamKazam app for Windows or Mac.

To learn more about all the things you can do with JamTracks, click here to view the full set of JamTracks help topics.

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