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What Are JamTracks?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2015 11:18AM CDT
At the simplest level, JamTracks by JamKazam are multi-track recordings of pieces of music you can use to learn and to play or sing along with your favorite songs. All musicians know it’s more fun to play music with others than to play alone, but most amateur musicians aren’t in a band. JamTracks give you a full band ready to play anything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the comfort of your home, with full control over every facet of the performance.
Here are some of the things that make JamTracks so unique and awesome compared to traditional backing tracks:
  • Complete Multi-Track Recordings
    JamTracks are complete multi-track recordings with fully isolated tracks for each part of the total musical performance – e.g. lead vocal, backing vocal, drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keys, and so on. This gives you full control over how you want to play with with the music.
  • Huge Catalog Curated For High Quality
    We currently offer a catalog of 2,000+ JamTracks, covering a broad range of artists and genres. We license recordings from many different sources, and we individually evaluate each and every JamTrack to make sure it meets high standards for musicianship, recording quality, and in the case of cover recordings, fidelity to the original.
  • Free, Easy-To-Use App
    Working with multiple audio tracks requires the use of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) app or its equivalent, but many musicians don’t have a DAW app, and these apps tend to be very complicated. JamKazam provides a free, easy-to-use app that automatically handles downloading, opening, and playing with a JamTrack, as well as all of the features described below.
  • Solo Just One Part To Learn
    When learning to play a part – for example, the rhythm guitar part of a song – it is incredibly valuable to be able to hear just that one part in isolation to learn it. JamTracks make this easy since you have full access to each isolated track.
  • Mute One Part To Play It With The Band
    Once you’ve learned your part, you can turn around and mute just that one part, and then play along with the rest of the band. Or if you prefer, you can turn that part down low to keep it around as a subtle hint. Or pan the recorded track into your left ear while your live performance is panned into your right ear. Whatever you like!
  • Slow It Down For Practice (Or Speed It Up)
    When you are first learning a piece of music, you often need to slow it down and gradually build up speed. The JamKazam app lets you slow down (or speed up) playback by a specified percentage, while maintaining the pitch so the music still sounds “right” – just slower.
  • Change The Pitch/Key Up Or Down
    If you’re a singer and you need to bring the song down into your vocal range, or if you want to change the key of the piece into something easier to play, the JamKazam app lets you change playback up or down by specified numbers of semitones/half steps.
  • Make, Save, And Share Audio Recordings
    You can easily use the JamKazam app to record your live instrumental and/or vocal performances mixed with the unmuted tracks of the JamTrack. You can keep these private, or make them public. Your recordings are saved to the JamKazam cloud, and you can easily share a URL to these recordings with family, friends, and fans via Facebook, email, etc.
  • Make, Save, And Share Video Recordings
    You can also easily use the JamKazam app to make video recordings that combine the audio recordings as described above with video captured from your webcam. The app can save these videos to your computer, and/or automatically upload them to your YouTube channel for easy sharing with others.
  • Use VST & AU Plug-Ins for Audio Effects
    The JamKazam app also offers native support for VST and AU plug-ins. For example, guitarists can use popular plug-ins like AmpliTube to mimic the sounds of different amps and so on, generating all kinds of clean, distorted, heavy, and other effects. And vocalists can tune reverb, echo, and other settings to achieve a desired studio-quality sound.
  • Play With Others In Live Online Sessions
    In addition to the free app, JamKazam offers an incredibly innovative free Internet service that lets musicians play live and in sync with each other from different locations. You can use your JamTracks in sessions and let other musicians join you to play parts of the JamTrack live. For example, imagine you’re playing the lead guitar part, and a bass player joins your session. Simply muted the recorded bass part, and the two of you can play live parts accompanied by the rest of the recorded tracks.
  • Access Your JamTracks From Different Devices
    The free JamKazam app is available today for Windows and Mac computers. We are currently working on an iOS version of the app (also free), so soon you will be able to access and play your JamTracks on your iPhone or iPad too.
  • Free Trial
    If this all sounds awesome, you can check it out risk-free. We’ll give you your first JamTrack free. Just search our catalog, find your favorite song, and click the orange Get It Free button. We simply ask that you register for a free account so that we can associate your JamTrack with your account.
  • Inexpensive Pricing
    JamTracks that are high quality covers are currently all priced at just $1.99 each. This is a terrific value, and it makes it easy to get all your favorite songs without breaking the bank.

We hope you’ll try JamTracks. They really are incredibly fun to play with! If you have any questions about JamTracks or JamKazam, please feel free to send us an email any time at support@jamkazam.com.
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