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First Time Setup - Step 4 - Configure Voice Chat

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2014 07:38PM CDT
In step 4 of the first time setup process, you have the option to set up a microphone to use for voice chat. Following is a video that shows how to set up a voice chat mic:

Configure Voice Chat

The voice chat feature is intended to enable all musicians in a session to talk with each other to communicate and coordinate as you normally would when sitting/standing next to each other in a rehearsal space. If you have already set up a microphone for one of your tracks to capture the audio from an acoustic instrument or your vocals, you can just talk with other musicians in your sessions by speaking into this microphone, and you do not need to set up an additional microphone just for voice chat. But if, for example, you are playing a keyboard and not singing, so that you just have a couple of 1/4" jacks plugged into your audio interface, you would want to set up a vocal mic. Or as another example, if you are playing electric guitar, and you've mic'd your amp, but the mic is right next to the amp, it probably won't pick up your voice well, so you could set up a separate mic for voice chat.

Here are a couple of odds and ends to note about voice chat:
  • On Macs, your voice chat latency will be about the same as your music/audio latency. However, on Windows your voice chat latency will be considerably higher than your music/audio latency. You'll notice the lag on voice chat on Windows, and it can be a bit annoying.
  • Voice chat that runs through a designated voice chat mic will not be picked up or included in any recordings you make during sessions. 
  • If you are playing any loud acoustic instruments, you may want to mute your voice chat mic (if any) during sessions, especially on Windows, as the lag on Windows chat mics combined with the volume of your acoustic instrument can cause a distracting effect during session performances.

If you are having trouble getting your voice chat microphone configured the way you want it, please use the "Post a Public Question" in the right column of this page to submit a support request, and we'll be happy to see if we can help you get things working properly.

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