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Troubleshoot Session Quality Problems

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 10:51AM CST
If you are experiencing problems with the quality of your session, here are some tips you can use to try to clear things up:
  • Hit the Resync Button
    Sometimes your audio capture device and your computer can get out of sync with each other, and this will degrade the quality of the audio you hear. To see if this is the problem, you can click the “RESYNC” button at the top left of the session screen. If this does not clear up the audio, it’s not a sync problem.
  • Use a Wired Connection to Your Router
    Be sure that your computer is connected physically to your home router using an Ethernet cable, rather than connecting wirelessly via WiFi. Most wireless routers and computers do not deliver the performance and reliability needed to support a high-quality JamKazam session.
  • Check Other Apps on Your Computer
    Check to see what other apps are running on your computer. You definitely don’t want to be running other apps that are network intensive like Skype or Dropbox, as these can cause conflicts for precious network and CPU resources that result in audio issues.
  • Check Other Internet Use in Your House
    We have tested the impact of the use of other Internet applications in a household on sessions, but your results will vary based on your router and other factors. Our findings were that if others (e.g. roommate, spouse, kids) are running Skype on another computer, or playing online games on Xbox Live or the Playstation Network, or just browsing the Web, we did not see a negative impact on audio/session quality. But we did see some quality degradation if others were streaming video, especially on YouTube. Again, your mileage will vary, but the less intensive use of the Internet – especially for streaming video or audio – in your household during your sessions, the better.
  • Move your Gear Away From Your WiFi Router
    In our own testing, we've found that having your device too close to your WiFi Router (0-3 feet) can cause audio artifacts.
  • Contact Us
    If the tips above don’t clear things up, please visit our Support Center at https://jamkazam.desk.com/, and use the “Post a Public Question” link in the right column of that page to ask for help. Be sure to tell us the date and approximate time of the session in which you had trouble, and we can pull performance statistics from your session to get a better idea of what the issue was.
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